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Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 "
Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 "
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Products name Name: Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 "
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This is replica of Narsil (with sheath). The name contains the elements nar "fire" and thil "white light", thus Red and White Flame[41] (Sindarin) See also: Andúril The sword of King Elendil of the Dúnedain. It was forged during the First Age by the Dwarf Telchar, making it a cousin to the blade Angrist which cut a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth. Elendil used Narsil in the Siege of Barad-dûr and, being slain in combat with Sauron, fell over it and broke it. His son Isildur took it up and used the broken sword to cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron. After Isildur was killed in T.A. 2, the shards were rescued by Ohtar, esquire of Isildur. The Shards of Narsil were one of the heirlooms of the Kings of Arnor, and after the Northern Kingdom was destroyed they remained an heirloom of the Rangers of the North, although it was not reforged (as Andúril) until the War of the Ring.

Size: Overall Length: 47 " . Blade Length: 34.5 " . Hilt Length: 12.5 " . Weight (with sheath): 5.5 lbs . Weight (without sheath): 5 lbs Blade material: Stainless Steel 440 .

Only people aged 18 and over are permitted to buy the items we offer. Our products are only decorations inspired by the original, thus should NOT serve or be used as a combat weapon.

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Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 " Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 " Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 "
Narsil (with Scabbard) 47 "
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05 December, 2008.
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